We are a team of curious minds with different stories and experiences working together to create large scale social change. We are looking to grow a new legacy of designers who will redefine contemporary life.

ADG at its Core

ADG is a team of systems-thinkers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are committed to changing the conversation about what we create and how.

We endeavor to listen carefully to the world around us to discover truth and opportunity in the ever changing constraints of today’s society.

We know that thoughtfully considered design can change the world. We believe in the butterfly effect—small actions add up to big movements, so we’re conscientious about the impact of what we build for our clients, our users, society-at-large, and the world.

Our Values

The inherent power of intentional creation

Be ready to create meaningful work with intention. Take ownership of the work that you do, be ready to give and receive feedback.

The yin and yang of discovery and creativity

Be open to listening, learning, and growing. At ADG we encourage everyone to stay curious (and not just through client facing projects! By exploring personal interests and initiatives, too.

The sky is not the limit

Be ready to explore and work on complex challenges to find the right solutions. Don’t stop once you have reached what you initially believed was the limit of possibility.

Benefits and Perks

Remote First

Even before the pandemic we had a global team. We know you can do your best work from any time-zone.


Improve your skills and reach new heights. You will learn more in your first 6 months than in years elsewhere.


Through open communication and collaboration we create an environment that supports mentorship. We want everyone to unlock their full potential.

Flexible Schedule

The conventional 9 to 5 is not for everyone. We encourage a flexible work schedule in order to mitigate stress and enable you to produce your best work in a way that works for you.
1. The team and our partners after a week of workshopping
2. Zach taking a break from work at their usual bike trail stop
3. The team having lunch in Japan with some of our startup founders
4. Noteh roadmapping
5. Christina leading a visioning session

Internship Program

Get a head start in your career with an ADG internship. Create compelling work and get hands-on experience at the design industry’s cutting edge.

Growth by Design

Diverse Partnerships

ADG has the expertise to offer both consulting and design services. Hone your skills through the depth and breadth of projects to work on at ADG.

Professional Development

The ADG team of experienced professionals guide you towards developing a career plan. We want to cater your growth toward the areas that you want to improve and develop in.