Achieving High Onboarding Completion for a Complex Application

  • Product Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Re-design existing features
  • Improve engagement metrics

Gurucan was struggling to get their new customers to complete their onboarding process. After working with ADG, Gurucan improved conversion by 5x and had a 90% completion rate.


Gurucan is a custom app template system for people to create and sell online courses. It is an all-in-one platform to run a successful digital business.

Gurucan started off with an overwhelming dashboard. We worked on minimizing it to the most essential things needed for the user to complete registration. Our goal was to go from complex and overwhelming to simple and straightforward.

ADG worked with Gurucan to simplify their onboarding portal, giving users a clear way to get started that elevated common essential activities.

Design Challenges

Gurucan struggled in their onboarding process in which not enough people were finishing signing up. The onboarding process is a series of screens that introduce the user to the application/software, get them to complete their registration, and teach them how to successfully use the app. It is a user’s first impression and the most critical phase for app retention.

At that time there were several critical issues with Gurucan’s onboarding:

  • Gurucan focused so much on showcasing the plethora of functions, that they did not notice how overwhelming it was for a first time user. For a complex application like Gurucan, this is their strength — but when not presented right it can become a weakness.
  • In addition, the onboarding process was presented in a way that was convoluted and easy to get lost in.

User Experience

Initially Gurucan had an onboarding process much like a tour, jumping around from function to function, dictating everything the user must do. This would confuse the users and swamp them with too much information, leading to users not finishing registration.

Once we understood why the users were struggling to sign up, and we asked the Gurucan team to evaluate what was the absolutely most essential thing necessary for the user to input in order for that user to see value.

Due to the inherent complexity of Gurucan’s platform, ADG strategically 
disentangled and clarified the user experience


After a few design sprints, we achieved a 90% onboarding completion rate. Sign up conversion had gone up 5x since the first iteration.


Onboarding completion rate


increased conversion

The approach that Noteh taught us led Gurucan to a way better retention and helped us keep churn at almost zero level. We did a ton of things for the last few design sprints and got a 5x boost of our signup conversion. We also managed to get 90% of our signups to create a course on our platform, which is an important activation metrics for us.”

Dima Ponimarev,

Co-Founder and CTO of Gurucan