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Our website helped $2B real estate company define its new era

• UI/UX design

• Websites

To reach its next level Terracap partnered with ADG on a company redefining new website. The result facilitated over $100 Million in new investment.


Terracap is a 20 year veteran of the Real Estate Market in North America. Having amassed a $2 Billion portfolio, Terracap managed properties from Texas to Toronto and also out to British Columbia. With a successful track record in investing and managing real estate, Terracap was about to embark on the next stage of its journey. This is when they reached out to ADG.

Two pieces of property that Terracap owned were located at prime intersections in Toronto – at Yonge & St. Clair and at King and Spadina. Terracap was seeking to develop each of these
properties into high-rise condominiums and was seeking millions of dollars in institutional investment. As part of this effort, ADG was retained to complete a new website platform for Terracap.

New Terracap Website

Design Challenges & Research

Detailed conversations with the C-Suite team and other key members of the organization established some of the fundamental challenges and goals for the website.

Terracap’s most important goal was to attract institutional investors for it’s new large condo properties. Terracap was appealing to a different class of investor than it had in the past.
Terracap needed a rebrand with a look and feel that communicated Terracap’s “leading edge” perspective while balancing it’s 30 year history of successful real estate deals.

Multiple Audiences
As any good web marketer will tell you, segmentation of your audience is key. Terracap had a number of different audiences that were coming to all looking for very different pieces of information. Not only that, these audiences also often had sub-audiences where a different perspective for each sub-audience needed to be taken into account. Some of these
audiences were:

People looking to lease:

  • Brokers
  • Business Owners
  • National Chains


  • Individual Investors
  • Institutional Investors

Local Officials:

  • City Council
  • Officials from local urban planning offices

Communicating Terracap’s Uniqueness
Terracap was not your run of the mill real estate enterprise. Most real estate investors and managers focus on one class of real estate, while Terracap had experience across Industrial,
Commerical, and Residential spaces. Additionally, Terracap’s properties spanned many asset classes across both the US and Canada. This was relevant not just for communicating the
company, but also because the various audiences would also be interested in different classes.

For example, there may be American and Canadian brokers – each of whom would be interested in different things. Furthermore, Terracap would acquire, manage, and or/develop
properties. Other companies would be more likely to be involved in one type of activity. This experience across all areas of the real estate process was important to communicate as it was an added value.

Informational Consistency
Terracap had an existing platform for it’s leasing: Findspace. There was concern based on the past website, that there would be different information about a property on different places on
the website. This was obviously not a good look. Terracap wanted Findspace integrated, and to find a solution to keep all information consistent with the leasing records.

New Terracap Website


User Interface

  • New Branding, based on existing colours
  • A colour scheme that used Blue, Black, and White to create a powerful, established look
  • Typography that reflected Terracap’s 30 year history, while being leading edge
  • New Photography for all properties across North America
  • The use of diagonal lines and polygons that conveyed a sense of growth and movement

User Experience

  • Calls to Action that helped direct the various audiences
  • A filter on the Portfolio page that helped users self-segment
  • Information design that gave both short snapshots of the specific properties in a portfolio view and detailed reviews on individual property pages
  • A News section that is easy to update
  • A Platform page that conveyed the strength of the Management team, Investment philosophy, and long-standing reputation of the organization.

Technology Integration
Integration of Findspace’s platform for Leasing
Use of Findspace’s API to create a CMS for consistent property info across the website


The Portfolio Hero area conveys in a snapshot a lot of key messaging about Terracap while allowing different users to segment. We see in the headline below ‘Portfolio’ a description that conveys the strategic growth behind Terracap’s large existing portfolio. The photos of a residential complex and shopping centre reinforce the idea of a large portfolio of high-quality
and diverse properties in a large geographic range.

The filter is a tool that both communicates and is functional. Based on the options available, at a glance the user is aware that Terracap has properties in the $100M+ value – a subtle but
impactful boast. We also see the various activities Terrcap is engaged in – beyond simply investand managing alone like a traditional company.

Portfolio Page -

The Platform page communicated the people and the experience behind the company. A quick navigation menu helped users self-segment and find the information they were looking for.

The experience on a company level was conveyed through a short overview, coupled with more detailed sections that spoke to the company history and investment philosophy. This allowed
users, depending on their needs, to get a quick snapshot or deep-dive.

Profiles of individual team members were rich with detail while being brief and consumable. Photography was arranged by ADG of top management for a consistent look and feel and showing the strength of the team as a unit. Creative Direction was also given to the photographer for a modern, but professional look with colours that fit the entirety of the website.

Company Platform -

The Leasing page was a critical component of the site, as one of the key success factors was the ability to drive brokers and individuals looking for space through to Terracap’s Leasing
department. The Leasing page was integrated with Terracap’s Leasing Management software by a third-party vendor called Findspace. Findspace’s program was also used as a CMS for the
Portfolio page to ensure information was consistent across both Leasing and Portfolio.

Leasing Page -


Terracap successfully raise $100+ Million for it’s two condo projects, and negotiated a partnership with Great Gulf – the largest condo developer in Canada. The site has also successfully driven hundreds of leasing inquiries and has improved Terracap’s standing in both Canada and the United States.

$100+ Million

Investment Funding Raised

ADG’s proposal was cost effective and the results exceeded our expectations. Noteh and his team led us through a process of self-reflection and evaluation that culminated in a web presence that reflects our true values and what we are all about and aspire to be.”

Wayne Humphries,
Chief Investment Officer, Terracap