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At McKinsey, ADG helped explore new frameworks for how businesses design for future impact.


Take a moment to analyze your surroundings, from the phone in your pocket to the building that you stand in, you live in a designed world. The majority of people’s interaction with the world is happening in spaces shaped and conditioned by designers. As a partner in change, McKinsey and Co. Design took this opportunity to offer a workshop on how to better design for future impact.

Noteh Krauss of ADG led a speculative design workshop at McKinsey, applying trend analysis to help businesses build better products.

Harnessing Change and Impact

Noteh Krauss, principal and founder of  ADG Design delivered a speculative design workshop at McKinsey & Co. for San Francisco Design Week. McKinsey, a global consulting firm working at the frontline of change, asked Noteh Krauss to host a workshop on how to incorporate speculative design to improve their business practices, find new opportunities, understand the implications of the things we build, and build better products with higher adoption rates.


The workshop began with a welcoming introduction to design thinking and the limitations of the conventional human-centered design processes, to transition into more forward design techniques. Then, participants were guided into some speculative design techniques consisting of ADG’s formulation of STEEP, 2x2 and the Three Horizons frameworks.

Participants then had the opportunity to put these techniques into practice through a design prompt to imagine two friends performing a specified daily activity in 2050 — in this case, ordering dinner.  The participants were divided into groups and were guided through a process to create prototypes using the aforementioned process.

Bringing it all together

Participants walked away with a deeper understanding of designing for a more complete human experience. This allowed them to design better for impact at a larger scope, yield better outcomes, get better adoption rates, and innovate in a more holistic manner.

Noteh Krauss’ workshop helped participants fuse speculative design into their business practices. The workshop made participants consider social, environmental, and political impacts and taught them how to leverage opportunity to create meaningful and impactful products.

Note: This was an event for San Francisco Design Week which was sponsored by McKinsey's Design Office. It implies no formal relationship between McKinsey & Co and ADG.