Gaining Insight Through Design Research

  • User Research

Samsung teamed up with ADG to support design research on cutting edge technology.

Innovation through Research

Samsung is always looking to push the boundaries of what people can do with technology. Samsung looks across the product development stage from end-to-end including strategy, user experience, design, prototyping, and engineering to generate innovative ideas and launch new products.

With these goals and this scope in mind, a Samsung research team reached out to ADG for a confidential user research project.

Two members of the Samsung team participate in a user research exercise.

Gaining Deeper Understanding

ADG’s mission to think big and go deep to explore opportunity was perfectly aligned with Samsung.  ADG's partnership allowed the research team to explore user behaviors and attitudes together through developing a deep understanding of people and their lifestyles. The research was conducted in order to deliver a meaningful experience enabled by innovative cutting-edge technologies.