About ADG

We partner with the world’s leading companies and most ambitious startups to create sustainable growth through meaningful design & innovation.

Our firm has the expertise to offer both consulting and design services. We practice a Design & Society approach which balances user needs systems-thinking, and business strategy.

Our partners understand that when design is applied strategically and artfully it’s a recipe for success.

150+ Start ups accelerated
Projects on every continent except Antartica
3 Fortune Global 500s
What makes a successful venture?
A Design and Society Approach

Our approach balances user needs, systems thinking, and business strategy. Rather than a simple band-aid solution we dive deep into the interconnecting relationships amongst society, people and the business to find the best result.

Strategically overcoming constraints and unlocking growth through design.

Business Strategy
  • Leverage your existing capabilities and market position to open up new possibilities

  • It’s not just what is done, but how. Innovative products often require innovative business models

  • Future-proof your organization for a rapidly changing world

  • Quickly gain actionable ideas or insights

  • Elevate the people in your organization through a collaborative learning environment

  • Develope a culture of innovation within the team for collaborative approaches in problem solving

UX/ Product Design
  • Create cutting edge experiences that users will love

  • Quickly make anything from first prototypes to advanced user-facing dashboards

  • Increase customer satisfaction, retention and growth by desigining for user’s needs

  • Gain the upper-hand with strategic consulting on your venture strategy

  • Approach problems from a fresh perspective while running multiple projects simultaneously

  • Understand how to create a culture of new ideas within your organization

  • In a world where everything is interconnected, see the whole picture

  • Lead with a vision of the future by understanding the mesh behind all stakeholders - internal and external

  • Rebuild broken systems and optimize new ones to shape new realities

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